Relationships are an integral part of human nature and they can be a source of love, pleasure and fulfilment. At any stage of your life they can go wrong, which can cause a great deal of anguish and have a devastating and wide-reaching effect.


Relationship therapy can help improve the way you communicate to the people around you and break free of old patterns. Our sense of identity and self-worth relies on the strength of our relationships and often we despair when they fail and we become stuck in unhealthy and unhelpful behaviour patterns. It is easy to develop a co-dependent relationship which is when someone loses their own identity and receives their self worth through their partner. Self-respect is an important ingredient for any good relationship. If this is in short supply therapy with Mark can help you to build up your self esteem and address any other issues. He can also help you examine the way you interact with those around you and this in turn will enable you to have a healthier and happier life. It can also help to improve your relationships with work colleagues, friends or loved ones.

Some symptoms for a failing relationship:

  • Repetitive, destructive patterns at work or home.
  • Feeling bullied or pressurised.
  • Feelings of being held back for no apparent reason.
  • Anxiety or depression.
  • Financial pressures.
  • Co-dependency/Low self-worth.


Managing conflict is crucial to improve relationships and it is unrealistic to hope to avoid it. Differences can be acknowledged to allow people to co-exist in any environment and learning the skills to negotiate and communicate better can allow unhealthy patterns to change. Therapy can also help you understand messages and habits you may have inherited from your family and circumstances in which you grew up, offering new, healthier skills to realise your potential.


Problems within a relationship don’t always end in separation or divorce. Mark can assess the strengths/weaknesses of your relationship, offer guidance and practical strategies to help you to improve it.